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Jobs and Career Paths in Marketing and PR

If you are going to consider a new career or job in marketing and PR the first thing to do is get a good understanding of what the sector involves.

Marketing and PR are closely linked as they work together to bring a product or service closer to consumers through a wide variety of media.

The principal aim is to increase exposure, raise a profile, gain support and improve sales.

Types of Jobs in Marketing and PR

Marketing involves developing campaigns and promoting a product, service or idea. A company will generate a strategy that will push sales and develop techniques.

Knowledge of the target market is essential so to deliver the most accurate and suitable marketing strategies that will have the greatest impact. This can be achieved through anticipating and estimating the wants and needs of the consumer through market research.

PR, although interlinked with marketing, is slightly different as it uses ‘third parties’ and a range of platforms to alter public perception of - or endorse - a brand, product, service or high-profile figure. A PR agency will manage the flow of information between an organisation and the public and ensure that a certain view is held.

Many Marketing and PR agencies specialise in specific sectors, such as:

  • Business to consumer (b2c)
  • Business to business (b2b)
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Professional and financial services
  • Arts and heritage
  • Property
  • Fashion
  • Environmental
  • Technology

For more in-depth information on the the different job paths within Marketing and PR, please follow the below links:

Getting into Marketing and PR

Many roles within marketing and PR will require people with good communication and social skills. Some employers may require people with relevant degrees in marketing or communication-based subjects, whilst others could be happy to train people up in-house so long as they have the right attributes.

Depending on which area of marketing or PR that you want to go into, different qualifications will be of use. It is possible, however, to enter without formal qualifications, either through doing an internship or work experience with a company and working your way up.

The increase in digital marketing and social media marketing also means that some roles will require a certain amount of IT knowledge. All these skills can be developed by undertaking work experience whilst at school or during university study.

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