Sunday, 19th May 2019


Agencies are privately owned companies that are dedicated to creating, planning and handling marketing and PR services for clients. Various teams exist within the company who perform a range of functions to help the client promote a product or service. Agencies can come in a range of sizes from one or two person shops, which rely mostly on freelance workers, to large independent conglomerates.

Types of Marketing and PR Agencies

Specialist Marketing and PR Agencies

Agencies will specialise in a particular kind of marketing and PR, such as medical, industrial, financial, travel etc. This specialisation occurs as these particular areas will require a greater level of knowledge and expertise on the subject. Therefore writers and artists will need to have more technical information so to create a meaningful and accurate way of portraying the message to the public.

In-House Marketing and PR

Some companies believe that they can provide marketing and PR services for themselves at a lower cost than seeking outside help. The company will handle all aspects of the branding which will often give them a greater advantage as the company will be able to build up the image of the brand over a number of years.

Social Media Agencies

Social media agencies specialise in promoting branding through a variety of social media platforms such as blogs, social networking sites, Q & A sites and discussion forums.

Interactive Agencies

Interactive agencies offer a range of different web design/web development, search engine marketing, internet advertising/marketing or e-business/e-commerce consulting. The most successful agencies are those that provide specialised services for the digital space.