Saturday, 20th April 2019


Film Companies

The UK has a thriving independent film industry, and independent film-makers can offer good opportunities for those in performing arts, especially those with lesser known fame. Independent film companies have produced some of best ‘niche’ market films that can still hit a mass audience.

Independent film companies should not be overlooked for career opportunities, as they could offer greater scope for progression and a greater potential for gaining industry experience.

The big Hollywood Studios such as Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Studio Canal, 20th Century Fox and Film4, all have headquarters in the UK. They specialise in mass entertainment and, with history and longevity on their side, they still dominate the market.

Television Broadcasters

Broadcast television is still a hugely important source of entertainment and information in the UK, despite the growth of new media, and is going through a great period of change and development.

There are many television broadcasters in the UK and, since April 2012, all are digital and satellite. These larger established broadcasters not only offer many employment opportunities, but a great variety of training and work experience too.

In the UK, broadcasters with public service programming responsibilities including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, although the latter three are commercially funded. These broadcasters are committed to providing the public with quality entertainment and reliable information, adhering to certain regulations. They offer a huge variety of employment opportunities for professionals in performing arts. Many broadcasters sign contracts with presenters and entertainers so that they only work on programmes from that channel.

There are also hundreds of cable and satellite broadcasters operating in the UK. These channels diffuse programming from a huge number of niche genres, catering to all types of audiences.

Radio Stations

UK radio today is over 80 years old, with the first broadcasting by the BBC in 1922. Commercial radio came in around 30 years ago and ever since, radio has been a huge market in the UK. There are currently 342 local radio stations in the UK and 27 national broadcasters (OFCOM 2012).

Aside from the different types of radio stations, the content of radio also varies greatly. Radio stations can broadcast any number of different genres of music, from classical to current pop and hip-hop to dance music. Some radio stations focus more on talk shows and news, and others provide a combination of music and discussion.