Thursday, 25th April 2019


Whether you are working as an entertainer on a cruise ship or in a hotel, the roles are remarkably similar. Both involve entertaining guests on stage with shows varying from dancing, comedy, singing and magic.

The obvious difference is that when working on a cruise ship you are away from home for a period of time and must live on the ship until it docks at its finally destination. Each cruise liner is different, therefore contracts may last for one or two shows, or for six months. A huge benefit to working on a ship is of course being able to travel around the world and experience a wide variety of destinations. Accommodation and food is normally provided so you may be able to save most of your earnings.

The role of working in a hotel in very similar to a cruise ship as you are there to entertain the guests. However, unless the hotel is in a remote location, entertainers will not normally be provided with accommodation. Most guests are spending their hard earned money on their holiday, therefore they expect the best. Entertainers must work long hours and ensure that they are upbeat and friendly towards the guests at all times.