Wednesday, 24th April 2019


For every aspiring musician, the choice of a manager or management company is of crucial importance. The manager will represent the artist or band, therefore it must be a trustworthy individual whose has a vast knowledge of the music industry. As they will be managing almost every aspect of the musicians career outside actually writing the songs they must have industry contacts or at least the confidence to approach important people in the business.

Music management companies will be involved in every aspect of the artists life and will offer guidance and counselling on all matters related to their musical careers. They will also travel with them whilst on tour and be sure that all details and logistics of the tour itself are under control.

Within music management there are a number of roles, many of which are interlinked and all have the same goal of promoting and aiding an artist:

  • Music Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Road Manager
  • Tour Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Technical Manager