Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


According to the Arts Council of England, there are around 541 theatres in the UK. Theatres are no longer confined to the traditional stereotypes of buildings with tiered seating in stalls and dress circles, facing an elaborate stage and set. Theatres can offer any type of performance and can be spaces like a simple black room or a hall in the local school. Theatres do not even need to be set in a building at all, but can now tour around the country, giving performances in different places.

Areas which theatre companies might specialise in are:

  • National plays and productions
  • Musicals
  • Youth theatre groups
  • Community theatre
  • Pantomime
  • Comedy nights
  • Acrobatic dramatics

As there are many types of theatre companies, each one can be run a different way, with a different budget and a different team breakdown. There are so many different theatre companies in the UK, some more professional than others, but they provide a great way of getting experience in the industry as they are always taking on volunteers.