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Jobs and Career Paths in Property

If you are going to consider a new career or job in property, the first thing to do is get a good understanding of what the sector involves.

Property is a vast industry and is certainly not just limited to being an estate agent. The four main areas of property are residential, offices, retail and industrial.

Within each of these areas, land needs to be sourced, planning needs to be approved, buildings are designed and built, then buyers, sellers and tenants are found, properties are then managed, buildings can be refurbished, and financing is agreed.

Property In The UK

As property is such a large and diverse industry it employs an array of people with varied skill sets: builders, surveyors, architects, planners, and fund managers are just a few titles.

Property is very much affected by what is going on in the financial world, making it an unpredictable market; for many this makes it a challenging yet rewarding industry to work in.

In the last few years the property market has been extremely turbulent: the average UK property price rose by 59% between the years 2000 and 2003; these prices then fell by 32% between the years 2008 and 2011. From the figures alone it is clear how fast-changing the world of property is.

Those involved need not only to be capable of adjusting, but must have the ability to predict these changes and take advantage of opportunities as and when they arise.

Types of Jobs in Property

Property can be seen as an industry of chance and circumstance. Every conceivable building is 'property' and is therefore under the remit of those employed within the industry.

In London the population density of buildings is nearly 5000 per sq kilometre. This provides not only ample work load but more than ample opportunities for those interested in working in this industry.

The job paths within property range from the planning and development of buildings to the selling and management of them. If you are interested in creating and developing property, there are many good jobs within planning, surveying and architecture.

If you are more of a salesperson but are interested in the management and sale of property, then estate agency could be for you.

For more in-depth information on the the different job paths within Property please follow the below links:

Getting into Property

The property industry provides a clear route to professional development and qualifications and is open to pretty much anyone. Whilst a degree in property, architecture or planning can be advantageous, employers usually look for relevant transferable skills and work experience rather than focussing solely on qualifications.

Within the professions there are ample opportunities to gain relevant qualifications and progress further up in the job path.

Certainly in estate agency, degrees and formal qualifications above that of A-levels are not necessary.

For professional roles such as surveyors, architects and planners, however, it is necessary to have a degree as well as a conversion course accredited by the relevant leading property institutes.

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