Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Across the scientific services there are the professions and areas of work that are commercially driven. Throughout history, scientists have created new products and procedures which have not only changed society, but have resulted in great commercial gain. A huge amount of financial investment is needed for scientific experiments and trials, with most companies expecting a return at some point.

There are many different types of commercial science-based companies, and even more commercial manufacturing companies that rely on science to create and develop new and existing products for the market.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies are one of the big employers in the science industries. In 2009 the industry invested £4.4 billion in UK research and development, and employs around 72,000 people including doctors and scientists (The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry)

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing requires a lot of research and development scientists to come up with new products and technologies, and to develop new ones. Major industries in manufacturing include the food and drinks industry, machinery and homewares industry, and the electronics and communications industry.

Chemical Companies

Chemical production is a major part of manufacturing, creating new chemicals for a variety of uses. These companies have links with the pharmaceutical industry, in the sense that scientists will try to create new chemical products for the agricultural industry, the industrial sector, and products for commercial use.

Energy Companies

Energy production is big business in the UK. The major energy companies require research and development scientists to conduct constant studies into renewable and more efficient energy sources.


Examples of commercial consultancies hiring scientists include medical technology consultancies, private health clinics, forensic science consultancies and agricultural consultancies to name a few. These companies require experienced and skilled scientists to work in their specific field, offering technical and practical assistance.