Saturday, 20th April 2019


In all parts of the scientific services there are likely to be employment opportunities within government agencies and departments. In particular, academic or research-orientated scientists are likely to find positions within government laboratories and institutes, involved in all areas of scientific research.

Government agencies are publicly-funded departments and labs, which usually specialise in one particular area. Whilst they will only focus on one type of science, there are various areas that they can specialise in, including the following:

  • Medical research
  • Environmental research
  • Pharmaceuticals and drugs
  • Food sciences
  • Energy and fuels
  • Industrial science

Regardless of the focus area, scientists working for government departments or institutions will all share the similar tasks of conducting research, analysing data, attending conferences and general commercial work. Just like universities, government agencies and laboratories will expect well-qualified and skilled workers, with strong academic backgrounds in the relevant discipline.

Unfortunately, there has been a recent decrease in employment opportunities within government departments, mainly due to the cuts in public funding. Companies such as the Forensic Science Service (FSS), have become non-operational, and a there has been a shift towards more commercial companies. However, in some areas, particularly in biosciences, environmental science and public health services, there are still work opportunities in government departments.