Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Local government employs a notable number of people working in this industry, particularly in the public utilities sector. Local councils are responsible for the installation and maintenance of certain public utilities, namely waste management and water supplies.

Each local council will have a department focused on certain areas of their community, such as:

  • Water network and supplies
  • Waste management
  • Refuse and recycling
  • Highway and road maintenance (including street-lighting and gas works)

Outside contractors are more likely to be hired by local councils for certain electrics or gas related projects on the roads, but occasionally positions may come up within local government organisations or departments. Professions working in water networks and waste management sectors are more frequently employed directly by local government.

Most waste management officers are employed in general recycling projects, collection and disposal services operating within local authorities in the UK, with approximately 350 Waste Collection Authorities operating within England and Wales. Water network operatives may also be hired directly by local councils to monitor the sewage and water systems in their area.