Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Telecommunications in the UK is a huge sector which is constantly changing and developing along with the latest technologies. The telecoms sector includes a huge number of private employers, dealing not only in landline telephone networks but also increasingly in internet technology and broadband data networks. Television broadcasting has also developed dramatically over the last twenty years, now with hundreds of satellite and cable providers nationwide.

Both of these employers hire a large number of skilled people working in electrics, fibre optics and electronic engineering.

Telecommunications Companies

Job roles within the telecoms sector are varied, ranging from sales roles to highly technical and practical professions. There are roughly around 105,000 businesses in the UK offering IT and Telecoms products and services, which employ a vast amount of professionals.

There is a demand for properly qualified and skilled professionals by these employers, so they will often require people who have received further education. IT and Telecoms employers will usually have preferences for applicants with an education at graduate level and above.

The majority of IT and telecommunications companies are located in London and the South East, but there are many regional companies for telecoms professionals.

Satellite Providers

There are around 250 cable and satellite providers currently operating in the UK (NationalCareersService). These companies will employ professionals to work in the installation and servicing of signal reception in different buildings around the country. This includes large blocks of flats, private homes and businesses that require satellite television signal.

Satellite companies will employ people that have a good standard of school education, with particular interest in those with further vocational qualifications and training.