Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Utilities companies, as an employer, cover a vast section of the maintenance and utilities industry. They are made up of the energy companies that provide the country with the basic commodities of electricity, gas and water. These companies include the suppliers and distributors as well as providing a service to their customers: installing and maintaining energy supplies.

The majority of the employers within this area will be large businesses, employing a huge number of people and with offices across the country.

Big utilities companies will employ a variety of different job positions, in the various areas of distribution and utilisation.

There are over 18 energy companies in the UK, most of which offering both gas and electricity. There is great competition between the different gas and electric companies, each offering different rates and deals in order to secure new and existing customers.

There are equally as many water companies, with about 20 in the UK but only one covering Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is not possible for customers to change their water supplier as it depends on the area. Some water companies may combine sewage services as well as water but others may only offer water.

Waste management companies can also be incorporated into utilities companies, with hundreds of medium-sized private companies across the country.

As utility companies are usually quite large, they can offer people good employment and training opportunities such as apprenticeships, training schemes and structured career progression.