Thursday, 25th April 2019


Account executives, managers and directors (account handlers) provide the point of liaison between the creative departments of an advertising agency and the clients. They assist in the development of campaigns and are responsible for keeping the client up-to-date on progress through all stages of the process; research, creative, production, and finally completion. This will be done either through meetings, over the phone or via email. Their primary concern is to keep the client happy and informed.

Account handlers present client briefs to the creative teams. They highlight client’s objectives of the campaign, the core messages of the brand, the target market, the client’s budget, deadline and all other aspects which will help the creators conceive and produce the best possible campaign for the client.

Once creative teams have ideas to show to the client, the copywriters, creative or art director, account executives or managers will pitch the idea and the costs to the client for approval, rejection or amendment.

Account managers or directors control the budget, manage timelines, write and send invoices to the client and monitor advertising campaign effectiveness, the findings of which are written in reports and sent to the client.

Account executives normally handle between one and five client accounts and generally report to an account manager. The manager, in turn, will report either to an account director or to the managing director, depending on the size of the agency.

Account handlers also pitch ideas to senior company executives in order to win new business; new clients or campaigns.