Friday, 19th April 2019


Accounting technicians work progressively upwards in accounting firms and companies. They begin in a support role, helping senior accountants and other analysts collate data and interpret it.

Technicians are employed in most companies, organisations and businesses and are especially helpful when writing accounting reports or balancing the books of the finance department of said company. In large companies they work alongside other technicians and may only have one account that they work on.

The job requires experience to progress. They begin by working underneath another technician before graduating to sole status. The very best can work freelance and will be called into companies to aid them with what they need done in reference to accounts.

The role of the technician is not limited to any one specialisation of the accounting industry although with experience some may specialise in only one or two. Different sectors of accounting will require different knowledge.

Specific duties will vary according to the role, but common tasks of an accounting technician include:

  • assisting accountants with the preparation of accounts
  • managing staff payroll
  • dealing with basic bookkeeping
  • receiving and sorting invoices
  • auditing external and internal work
  • looking after all financial transactions, budgets and payroll
  • monitoring staff and company expenses
  • controlling budgets
  • accounting for resources
  • liaising with other professionals in the field
  • writing reports

With seniority and success an accounting technician may become a finance manager, budget controller or internal auditor.