Friday, 19th April 2019


Chartered Accountants work in all fields of business and finance. This field employs more accountants than any other single profession bracket. The roles are so varied one could work for public practice, the private sector or the government.

Chartered Accountant Job DescriptionThere is no specific remit for a chartered accountant and they can be employed in any field directly in need of an accountant. As they are chartered they must constantly refresh their skills every year. This is called a continuation of professional development (cpd).

Their role can include financial reporting, tax specialisms, auditing, corporate finance, insolvency and general accounting procedures. They must be utterly trustworthy when dealing with financial accounts and totally accurate in their practice. Their aim is to maximise the profitability on behalf of a client or their employer. To do this they can advise either private individuals or large organisations. Generally this is known as consultancy.

Chartered accountants must continuously manage systems and budgets of a company or client. Whilst doing this they must help out or prepare audits and offer advice to those that need it.

Becoming a chartered accountant opens up many different job opportunities in the finance world, however it is an extremely competitive field with 300 applications for every position. This is a career with fierce competition, so it requires extreme dedication and hard work.