Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Sales ledgers manage all information relating to the sales invoices produced by an organisation. They must be in constant contact with clients and deal with any issues arising from this.

Sales Ledger Job DescriptionThe remit of a sales ledger are invoices and cash allocations, to staff or clients. A high level of organisation and dependability is required for this role as it is this team that reports back to the employers about a company's performance. Sales ledgers usually start out as clerks, then progress on to become managers and finally, supervisors.

The requirement of each role is dependent on the size of the firm. For big organisations there can be a large number of sales ledgers, each one responsible for a particular area of business.

For companies that sell products or advise clients the sales ledger must invoice all those who sales have been made to. This can be a highly pressured job and requires a methodical approach to the task at hand. Every penny must be accounted for and billed.