Friday, 19th April 2019


Airports are an extremely busy place, with millions of people entering and leaving the country every year. With thousands of the domestic and international flights taking off from airports around the UK every day, airport operations and security must be managed effectively.

The airport operations and security sector of the aviation industry is vitally important. Commercial airlines will look after their customers and ensure that flights are run effectively and safely, but the management and security of the whole airport – and entry point into the country – must have a range of reliable, skilled and competent staff to ensure the airport’s and the nation’s security.

Airport security is of upmost importance and specialist procedures are in place in order to protect passengers, staff and aircraft from any accidental harm, crime and other malicious threats. With large numbers of people passing through airports as the main points of entry and exit in the country, airports can be at high risk of terrorism. It is in the interest of National Security that airports have strict security regulations and tough immigration and customs checks.

A lot of the airport security personnel will work for the UK Border Agency, HM Revenue & Customs or other civil service organisations. Airports will also hire their own private security staff and general airport operation staff, to ensure that the airport is run safely and smoothly.

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