Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The terminal duty manager runs the airport terminal so that all staff, passengers and facilities are kept running efficiently. They are responsible for ensuring that all staff and facilities re in good working order and that the airport is correctly prepared for certain events and situations. Terminal duty managers need to ensure the steady flow of passengers throughout the airport, and be on hand to provide information where necessary.

Terminal duty managers work throughout the airport, sometimes even on airfield operations. They will communicate with all sorts of personnel, such as airline staff, ground services operatives and private retailers and companies working in the airport.

A terminal duty manager must have good communication and organisation skills, so that they know about everything that is going on in the airport or can find out quickly. They also need to be able to react to emergency situations, such as security threats or a plane being re-routed to their airport. Sometimes arrangements need to be made for VIP passengers who need heightened security, which the terminal duty manager will see to. No matter what sort of situation arises, the terminal duty manager must ensure good customer service and security for all passengers and be on hand to provide any changes in flight information.

Whilst the terminal duty manager needs to keep informed on the goings on of the airport, they equally need to keep the rest of the airport staff informed, usually via radio announcements. Terminal duty managers will work in shifts, covering the opening hours of the airport, assisted by terminal duty officers. Anything that happens during a shift, that affects the running of the terminal, is the immediate responsibility of the terminal duty manager.