Friday, 19th April 2019


Emergency care assistants are employed to respond to emergency and distress calls as a key part of an ambulance response crew. Often they will be the first to arrive at moments of crisis in which their specialist skills and training will come into play.

Once emergency care assistants arrive they must recognise problems quickly including checking vital signs and moving them as required into the ambulance. They may have to take statements from those around them to assess what is the best course of action and treatment. Most importantly emergency care assistants must instil calm around them whilst acting quickly. Both of these can make the crucial difference for a patient.

Emergency care assistants mostly work from ambulance stations or hospitals. Candidates should make these their first port of call when looking for employment. Care assistants will work in shifts and respond to calls as and when they come through. Needless to say emergency care assistants can work long hours and be subjected to periods of stress when dealing with extreme situations.

It is important to remember that each individual case is different and the care assistants must be prepared for this. Included in the role is the requirement to drive the ambulances. This requires special training. Emergency care assistants are there to support paramedics in their role, particularly with the use of equipment.