Saturday, 20th April 2019


Patient transport service(PTS) drivers are members of the ambulance service trust. They are responsible for driving the disabled, elderly and vulnerable to and from outpatient clinics, day care centres and hospitals. Sometimes drivers are transporting patients requiring lifesaving treatments such as chemotherapy or renal dialysis.

A good relationship with all passengers is essential to success. Patient transport service drivers usually cover a particular area or district and will therefore naturally get to know their passengers. They will work shifts which can sometimes be long and tiring. Ultimately job satisfaction is very high. Drivers form an essential part of the medical service and help those that are in desperate need of care to be mobile.

Transport drivers will work in teams of two. They are needed to help assist those in wheelchairs and to carry those that need it by lifting them. At all times drivers must ensure that all passengers are safe, happy and comfortable.

Drivers are trained in resuscitation and keep the vehicles clean and tidy. Each journey is recorded for administrative and checking purposes.