Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The role of an adoption or rehoming officer is primarily an educational one. They are responsible for ensuring that new pet owners are fully aware of the commitment needed to look after a domestic pet, typically dogs, cats or smaller mammals, although large animals, such as horses, are also rehomed. Officers spend a lot of time meeting with and assessing owners, deciding whether they are equipped to adopt an animal.

In some cases, certain animals will need extra care or facilities. Some animals up for adoption or in rescue homes will be injured or will suffer from past traumas. Adoption and rehoming officers will need to make sure that the animals can be cared for and that the owners can accommodate the pet.

Officers also perform an inspectoral role and may have to visit the houses of would-be pet owners in order to assess the sorts of conditions a pet will be living in – whether it is clean, whether there is ample outdoor access and space and whether there are any potential hazards.

After an animal has been successfully rehomes, an officer will often visit after an interval of time to check on both the owners and the animal.

The work involves travel, face to face interaction and administrative duties, such as writing up reports.