Thursday, 25th April 2019


Fishing ghillies work on fish farms or game estates that offer angling activities, advising anglers on the best places to cast their lines and how best to catch fish. They are experts on fishing and work to ensure that anglers and clients of the fish farm or estate are able to make the most of the available stock.

Ghillies are knowledgeable about the types of fish available for fishing and the methods best used to catch each species. They have very technical fishing skills and are extremely savvy when it comes to what techniques work best. They might teach anglers how to cast their lines, or advise on the use of tackle and bait. They may either work on rivers (sometimes known as river ghillies) or on farms with lakes or ponds.

They will monitor the rivers and lakes during angling seasons, assisting the anglers where needed but also ensuring that no fishing laws are broken. There are a number of fishing laws and regulations which correspond with conservation agreements. Ghillies can be hired for the day on a fishery or on other waters they have experience of. Qualified guides are experienced anglers and are a very good source of information and knowledge.

Ghillies may be required to assist the fish farmers with fish management plans, and monitor fish that have been newly hatched and introduced to the farms. Ghillies may also be required to protect the fish from predators and pests, much like the work of other game workers.