Saturday, 20th April 2019


Fishing vessel deckhands work as part of a crew on a sea-going fishing boat. They assist the crew in all areas involved in catching sea fish and preparing the catch for sale on the food market back on land.

Fishing vessels can range from small boats with five or so people to large factory ships with up to five times that amount. Deckhands have a variety of tasks with a number of important responsibilities. Teamwork is essential in a confined workplace, so the deckhand will assist the team wherever required.

Tasks of a deckhand might include:

  • preparing the deck and equipment for the catch
  • monitoring the health and safety of the workplace
  • operating the equipment during the catch
  • maintaining and repairing the equipment where necessary
  • cooking and cleaning for the crew
  • killing and preparing the fish for storage
  • transporting the cargo back inland

This is an entry level position where a lot can be learnt about sea-fishing. Deckhands will learn how to send out nets, how to bring in the greatest amount of fish and how best to kill and prepare them. They will have a general knowledge about life working on a fishing vessel.

Deckhands will have an active interest in working at sea and must be comfortable working in potentially hard conditions and for long periods of time. The work is physically demanding, so a level of physical fitness is required, as well as a willingness to learn and good teamwork.