Friday, 19th April 2019


Architects are responsible for designing buildings or structures and will be involved throughout the whole building process – from the initial concept right from its very earliest stages to completion and handover. There are of course specialisms under the umbrella title of architect, many of which can be read about in this section.

There are three guiding principles an architect must work with during their tenure on a project. These are safety, functionality and aesthetics. All three must be satisfied to the highest level. Architects must remain close to their clients in order to best implement their wishes whilst adhering to all current regulations that govern their field of work.

Despite being office based for the majority of the time, architects must work with all sorts of people in the construction and building trade to bring a project together. Included in these are engineers, planners, contractors, project managers and landscape architects.

Most architects will work for architecture firms, particularly when they are at a more junior level. Reputation is very important and architects will look to build up strong networks and portfolios of their successful, completed jobs.

After some years and a good track record, an architect may go freelance and be hired to work specifically on projects for which clients deem them most suitable. Needless to say only the very best will reach this level and status.

Architects work on all sorts of projects; every building or construction demands their focus. Juniors will look for a field they are particularly good in before specialising and this could range from building stadiums for sports venues to underground transport networks.

Most of an architect’s work will be done prior to beginning construction. This work usually includes determining the purpose of the building, the design of it and the budget. Sticking to the budget and reporting to the client are crucial aspects which take up much of an architect’s day to day workload.

In recent years, with growing concerns surrounding carbon footprints and the environment, architects must be fully aware of sustainability and keep it at the forefront of their work. Buildings are now strictly regulated with regards to the environment and pollution.