Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Landscape architects have for a long time only been associated with designing and implementing green spaces. In actual fact, they are responsible for creating places where all people live, work and play. They also construct areas principally designed to provide for nature, plants and animals.

Landscape architects are designers and must think of the bigger picture and consider the function and purpose of their work. They will have in depth knowledge of existing landscapes and how they can work in harmony with surrounding areas. Once they have decided on a suitable design they will implement and monitor the landscape. Landscapes, now more than ever, must be sustainable and aesthetically stunning.

Landscape architects frequently work alongside architects, town planners, civil engineers and a whole host of design and construction professionals to ensure projects are successful and delivered on time and on budget, whether working for private clients or councils and the government.

There are two predominant areas of landscape design concerned with progression which are seen as being at the cutting edge: climate change, its effects and how the projects they undertake can make positive impact; and town regeneration and how improved landscapes can have a great and positive effect on the environment and society.

About half of landscape architects work in private companies; the rest work on a freelance or project by project basis. In most cases only the very best go freelance.