Sunday, 21st April 2019


For general information on being an architect please see architect job description.

The position of a project architect is one of the highest there is within an architecture firm. Their principle responsibility is to oversee all architects and the jobs that they are undertaking. They will have a in-depth knowledge of all of the projects a firm is working on and will need to delegate and split up architects so that all projects are being worked on at the correct speed and fitting in with client expectations on timing and budget.

They must not only work on projects themselves but must also look after the company in general. This could include budgeting, pay and their own marketing campaign to ensure they are able to win new business.

When working on a project themselves they will remain extremely close to clients and outside contractors and will often be the ‘public-facing’ figure of the firm. For this they must be personable and excellent at forging and building on relationships.

As they represent the firm and supervise all of the other architects they must retain quality control. They will have the final say over which designs are implemented and and which are not. The role is extremely high pressured and demands experience and skill in abundance.