Friday, 19th April 2019


Corporate bankers work for corporations as their name suggests. They specialise in financing, cash management and any other related financial service provision tailor made for each corporation. They can be employed by commercial banks or companies.

Corporate bankers need to maintain strong relationships with their clients so that they can fully understand their wishes and implement the strategy’s they demand from their investments. They often meet with their clients and discussing financial requirements as well as monitoring multiple accounts authorising overdrafts and loans. Constant monitoring of the accounts by corporate bankers is crucial in order to prevent any problems arising and therefore ensuring that the bank's reputation is upheld.

Corporate bankers must be excellent problem solvers and methodical thinkers. Not all situations will be easily resolved and they need to be able to negotiate with both their clients and other bankers to reach their investment targets.

There are great career prospects in corporate banking, so with the right attitude and dedication, corporate bankers can become very successful.

Here are some of the top British-owned banks, judged by their market value in 2011 by Economics Help: