Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Economists are specialist researchers who analyse, interpret and translate the financial markets all over the world.

Using economic theory and knowledge of the markets, economists are employed to study data and use their skills and expertise to discover certain correlations in movements in the economy. Collection of data and outlooks are essential and economists will use this to try to understand and predict future trends in the markets.

Economists will collect data on a whole host of matters covering the entire financial spectrum including: prices; jobs; taxes; interest rates; and the stock market. They are employed by many different sectors including private and public companies and the largest single employer: the government.

Since the recent recession, economists have become even more important in today’s financial markets. Their information is crucial in predicting what is going to happen in the national and global economy over the coming weeks, months and years. From the information gleaned by the economists investment writers will then write reports for clients.

Economists use advanced software and specialist programmes to search through all the statistical information and efficiently analyse the findings.

Becoming an economist is one of the best ways to enter the financial world, particularly banking. Starting as researcher will always ensure a candidate knows how to get information and more importantly how to use it.