Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


A risk assessor’s role is to calculate the potential risks of a company's investments and create get out clauses to minimise losses.

Risk assessors oversee the financial decisions and transactions, working out whether there is potential for company losses. Losses can be caused by changes in government legislation or political or economical trends. The fluctuation of currency is also an important factor for consideration by risk assessors. A lot of analysis is involved in being a risk assessor and just as important is being able to concisely report findings to company directors and managers.

Typical daily duties involve conduction extensive research involving company decision-making using statistical software. There are now various technological appliances which aid in the prediction of stocks and a risk assessor needs to know when and how to use these. Risk assessors must keep well informed on market trends and the financial forecast. They can also come up with contingency plans in case something goes wrong. Detailed assessment of the stocks on a day to day basis is vital.

Close consultation with company directors and investors is vital, risk assessors who are too cautious in their attitudes can lose the company large amounts of money.

Being a risk assessor can involve a lot of high pressure situations. Ultimately, the success and financial safety of a company can depend on the judgement of a risk assessor.