Saturday, 20th April 2019


Aesthetic medicine has for the past 10 years, and continues to be, the fastest growing aspect of the entire health and beauty industry. Doctor’s, therapist and nurses are moving from the public sector across to private practice, where aesthetic practice takes place and the payment is higher. It is important to remember that as popularity for the sector increases, so do the amount and level of restrictions placed upon the industry. All practitioners need to be well aware of these regulations and ensure they are carried out exactly.

Whereas a few years ago cosmetic surgery and aesthetics were for only those with wealth or celebrities, now it is common place. All of the processes have become safer, more effective and more subtle.

Some of the aesthetics that an individual can get are Botox, teeth cleansing, chemical peels and mesotherapy. All of these require training and experience to a high level as they are not only complicated but can be dangerous if mistakes are made.

Initially a therapist/nurse will educate the consumer on all of the products available and find out their medical history in as much detail as possible. Secondly they will carry out the procedure and finally take feedback and provide products and treatments to continue the healing process.