Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Makeup artists are principally hired, used and employed to enhance the appearance of an individual. Most work in salons or spas and having makeup applied is often the final treatment if a client has enjoyed other treatments in the said spa/salon.

The very best makeup artists will move into theatre, TV and film where they will have the opportunity to not only work with celebrities but the best makeup and the possibility of being asked to completely alter someone’s appearance for their role. It is important for make-up artists to stick to their brief given to them by those who are running the production.

There is a set way of conducting oneself as a makeup artist. Research to ensure that services provided are in line with client expectations is vital, as is a keen awareness of any new trends, techniques and developments within the market.

Sourcing products to ensure that the products being used are both good value for money and, perhaps more importantly, do what they are meant to do in the best possible way. Preparation will involve grasping the demands of the client, preparing the relevant tools and applying the desired makeup effect.