Saturday, 20th April 2019


Nail technicians look after fingernails and toenails of clients. It is important to note that this service is not just provided for aesthetics but technicians can advise on the general state of nails, their health and suggest relevant products and treatments that could improve their condition.

Manicures have long been popular, particularly amongst women and, in recent years, there have been no signs that this trend will alter. Technicians will cleanse, massage, file, polish, shape and paint the nails. The technician must have a very good understanding of what the client wants so that they can provide the service expected of them. Pedicures follow the same procedure.

Nail extensions and overlays, otherwise known as ‘false nails’, are now very popular. Technicians need to have a steady hand and offer a wide range of different styles to suit each client.

Nail art is also very popular and requires practice and a specialism on the part of the technician. Examples include French manicures, sticker application or colouring.

Opportunities within this sector are increasing all the time with the booming business of ‘nail bars’ where clients can come in and have services rendered within 15 minutes. Many of these are based within large department stores, shopping centres and large salons. Nail technicians, if they are exceptional, can be asked to work in theatre, TV and film.

It is a fast moving industry and technicians need to be right up to date with all modern trends in the industry.