Saturday, 20th April 2019


Copywriters are said to ‘form the backbone’ of marketing and advertising. In a nutshell, a copywriter’s job is to either come up with ideas or convey a certain message in the most appropriate way in order to grab the attention of, engage and inform potential consumers and promote a product or service.

Usually, a copywriter will be briefed by either a client or an account handler. The brief will provide information to the copywriter surrounding the company, the product or service, the target audience, core messages, the desired tone and style and any other details which need to be known and conveyed in the written material – the copy. When copy is written or new ideas have been conceives, they will be pitched to the client for approval, rejection or amendment.

Copywriters work in a variety of industries, notably advertising, marketing, PR, publishing and broadcasting. Any company which relies on the use of convincing written copy in order to sell, inform or convince an audience is likely to employ a copywriter, or a group thereof.

Some copywriters will focus on areas such as Search Engine Optimisation and, with so much content being produced for the web, this is an extremely valuable skill to have alongside writing skills.