Friday, 19th April 2019


Many large marketing and advertising agencies will employ studio managers to oversee the work of various departments. The role will often be split between creative, managerial and administrative tasks and this balance will differ depending on the type and size of the agency. In this sense, it is commonly expected that studio managers possess skills and experience in both creative and management positions. A typical studio manager position is likely to involve project management and account management.

Sometimes, particularly in smaller agencies, studio managers will undertake design and campaign work, using a range of Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software packages, notably Adobe Creative Suite and Quark for web page layouts. Often the studio manager will be the ‘go to’ member of staff who deals with various departments and will therefore need to keep abreast of projects and scheduling throughout the company. They need to make sure all teams are sticking to budgets and deadlines and that effective communication is maintained.

Again, depending on the size of the agency, studio managers may have to organise time sheets and distribute payment to all members of staff. It is important that managers working in creative agencies keep well up-to-date with consumer trends and technological and software developments.