Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The word ‘chef’ conjures instant connotations. In recent years it seems the public spotlight has been drawn to these charismatic and hardworking individuals. In truth, there is a lot of character needed and not to mention hard work. Chefs work harder than almost any other in the catering trade.

Chefs are involved from the offset with bringing food in front of the customer. Initially they design a menu, coming up with concepts for food and inspiring combinations that will satisfy customers. Once decided and agreed, they order stock in the right amounts to ensure there is no wastage.

Head chefs oversee the junior and sous chefs in the preparation of food and ensure that when it comes to service it is served in the right order, to the right people and at the right temperature.

Kitchens are hot and often stressful places to work in. Chefs must ensure kitchens run smoothly with the minimum amount of stress.

Staying fully up-to-date with regulations affecting their trade, particularly hygiene standards and health and safety is an extremely important aspect of a chef's work.

Additionally, chefs must often train up those below them so they can delegate work thus being able to spend more time overseeing. They are the food arm of any restaurant. They must converse with managers, waiters and senior staff to ensure they are getting what they need and the business is happy with their performance. They can work in a variety of trade and not just restaurants. They can be hired privately or run huge events for hundreds of people.