Thursday, 25th April 2019


The fast food industry is vast. The major companies are some of the biggest in the world and have some of the most aggressive business strategies in place to ensure continued success. Managers must oversee all activity in the branch they represent and secure continued financial success whilst maintaining the reputation of the company.

Do not be fooled into thinking that fast food merely encompasses burger bars and pizza houses. All coffee shops, sushi bars and sandwich shops fall under the bracket ‘fast food’. These shops and outlets service millions of people per day and the managers are the key component between the customer and the senior management. They hear what the customers say and want and report upwards so any changes can be made.

Day to day tasks usually include operational management, people management, standards and quality control, handling and serving customers and ensuring company policy is adhered to. Managers will also play some part in ensuring that customers are served quickly and efficiently, that stock is ordered on time and in correct amounts and that staff are trained and rotas organised.

Longer-term activity might include financial management, marketing for the branch and company, reporting to senior management and strengthening relationships with the local community.

Being a fast food restaurant manager can lead to rapid progression through promotion. Experience and a proven track record will see rewards being offered.

Some chains offer benefits for their senior staff and some offer profit related bonuses.