Saturday, 20th April 2019


Head waiters oversee restaurants whilst helping out at the ground level throughout their shifts. They will have a particular set of skills and extensive experience.

Whilst all staff must interact with customers it is the head waiter who must perfect this.

The head waiter will have the most detailed knowledge of the menu on offer. Any questions customers or other staff have will be referred to him and his knowledge and understanding of the menu must be sound.

The head waiter, as well as being involved in all general tasks associated with restaurant service, must oversee the entire restaurant. They will check for general ambience, staff performance and cleanliness.

Head waiters will often be responsible for opening the restaurant up in the morning and insuring it is ready to be closed in the evening. This is a serious responsibility.

The head waiter will be in close contact with the kitchen, managers and the staff.

Head waiters must have the endurance to be on their feet for the majority of their shifts and to deal with high-pressure situations. They must remain calm during crisis and be personable with both staff and clients, particularly during matters where a dispute has arisen.

They must be organised team players who are prepared to go to the extremes to make sure all are happy under their service.