Friday, 19th April 2019


Pubs, bars and nightclubs comprise one of the largest sectors in hospitality in terms of employment, turnover and volume of establishments. Whether it is a chain or an individual outlet, the manager is responsible for the commercial success of the establishment and making most of the decisions that affect it.

Management in this sector is an extremely hands-on job and tasks can range from front of house reception, marketing, accounting and stock control. A manager requires multiple abilities and must be adaptable. In this sector no two days (or nights) are the same.

Managers in this role need to be personable both with customers and staff and need a range of commercial and practical skills.

In this field the success of the business is far more reliant on the individual’s talent than most. The manager must be able to constantly adapt to ensure three key benchmarks for success: ensuring profits; providing a pleasant and safe atmosphere; and running in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Often to get one step ahead of the competition, managers will either charge less or be more innovative. This can often be the difference between a good manager and a great one.

There are big differences between running and managing small independent businesses to high profile ‘chains’. In chains there may be many managers each with their own branch or their own department that they oversee.

In small independent businesses managers should be able to interact with customers directly, organise and promote events, respond to customer feedback and remain aware of competition in the area.