Saturday, 20th April 2019


Hospitality chains used to be only associated with hotels and fast food outlets. However, in recent years restaurant chains have become extremely powerful in the hospitality trade and particularly those that can provide excellent service at a good price.

A restaurant chain area manager will be responsible for looking after either one or a number of restaurants in a particular area.

This job has gained emphasis within the trade in recent years due to the success of 'more upmarket than fast food' and 'refreshingly different' chain restaurants (such as Nando's, Yo Sushi, Carluccios). As a result competition has increased for the role but so have the rewards for hard work and proven success.

Restaurants are big business and in some cases grow to become multinational brands. They now have strict business plans in place and concrete targets and the managers of chains in an area are playing an increasingly important role in forming the business plan.

The managers must oversee branches of restaurants and provide the essential link between on-site managers, staff and the senior management. They are in the best position to provide relevant feedback on success and failures.

The brand of restaurants is extremely important and the chain area manager is directly responsible for overseeing how the brand is both marketed and perceived by the public and the immediate area surrounding the restaurants.

Managers must keep a close watch on targets and profits and be ready to make changes if expectations and results are falling short of the required and desired level.