Saturday, 20th April 2019


Managers are directly responsible for the running and the success of a restaurant business and must report to the owners or the corporate team if the restaurant is part of a chain. They will spend almost all their working time on-site, ensuring the smooth running of operations.

Managers will push for efficiency. Ultimately they want to make the most profit whilst spending as little as possible without sacrificing reputation, ethos or standards.

It doesn’t matter the size of the restaurant in question; the manager will be involved with a vast range of tasks from the day to day to the long term.

At all times the food, service and atmosphere of the restaurant must be above satisfactory for the paying customer and this is the manager’s domain.

Managers must be aware of all regulations affecting the trade and their restaurant in particular. of which health and safety is a prime example.

A manager’s roles can be broadly split into two main descriptions:

The Business Elements

  • Performance tracking and an analysis of sales and profits
  • Marketing strategies
  • Providing reports to senior figures including budgets, menu choices and current stock levels
  • Quality control and awareness and implementation of health and safety and hygiene standards

The Day to Day Elements

  • Full participation during shifts and overseeing staff members
  • Responding to any complaint and dealing with customers efficiently
  • Sound knowledge of the entire restaurant plus all the products it serves
  • Recruiting, training and constantly motivating and developing staff