Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The primary role of charity campaigners is to raise awareness of a charity and try to round up as much support as possible from organisations and the public.

They may work on the streets, either collecting money, recruiting people to sign petitions or getting people’s contact details in order to be able to send them information and updates on the charity’s causes and projects.

Some campaigners will be employed by charities to contact existing supporters on the telephone or via email in order to keep them up to date on a charity’s progress and inform them on upcoming campaigns. This is known as ‘warm calling’ as recipients have already agreed to give their details and the work generally will not involve sales.

In some charities, a campaigner might have to research the target audience and write investigative reports on findings.

At the other end, a campaigner, or campaign director, could oversee an entire campaign strategy within a large international not-for-profit organisation. They will work with teams in different departments: researchers; planners; in-house or external advertising and marketing agencies marketing and PR managers; fundraisers and event organisers to optimise the effectiveness of their campaigns.

They might have to adopt the role of charity spokesperson, give interviews to organisations and the press and lobby governments.

They will need to develop and maintain relationships with external bodies, including activists, media outlets, politicians and decision makers.