Saturday, 20th April 2019


Most charities are run similarly to businesses and large charities will incorporate several departments, including Marketing and PR, Finance and Accounting, Fundraising, Events Organisation, Human Resources and Project Management. Within these departments there will usually be teams of people working under the supervision of a manager or a director who has been specialising in a given area for a while before becoming the manager of a department.

Human resources managers are in charge of making sure that the workforce behind a charity is functioning efficiently both on an individual level and holistically, as a whole unit. They organise staff training activities and ensure that working conditions for staff are up to and above standards. They implement policies and make sure they are adhered to and, similarly, will oversee any grievances occurring internally.

As is the same in most companies, HR managers generally oversee the recruitment process from advertising vacancies in the right places to interviewing candidates. They will maintain close contact with all departments within a charity and encourage frequent and open interdepartmental communication.

They, along with Finance departments, accountants and fundraisers, keep a close eye on cash flow in and out of the charity. They help allocate charity expenditure budgets, staff salaries and incoming donations.

The job of a human resources manager typically involves a large amount of administrative duties and regular contact with internal and external bodies.