Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Civil engineers are one of the key cogs within the entire building and construction trade. At various times they can find themselves involved in design, development and construction and they must have a sound knowledge and understanding of all aspects.

Consultant Civil Engineer - Principally involved in the pre-stage of any construction, they will plan out the entire process right from the very moment the land is first visited and measured. Following working with architects and the client they will look over the designs to ensure they are feasible. Once design is signed off they will attach a true budget to the scheme including all outgoings and costs. They must liaise with all parties to ensure all aspects of the design work and all are happy before commencement.

Contracting Civil Engineer - Once design is in place and construction is ready to begin, the contracting civil engineer will take over. They must oversee the entire construction of the building and turn initial and finalised plans into bricks and mortar. They must manage all of the contractors and oversee all usage of materials and the budget allowed for them.

There are many different areas that civil engineers can choose to specialise in. To learn about the different fields of civil engineering please see Specialisms.