Thursday, 25th April 2019


Flight attendants make up the cabin crew of a commercial flight, working as a team and dealing with the passengers on a plane journey. They are the main point of contact for the passengers on the flight, keeping them informed, comfortable, safe and happy throughout the journey. The cabin crew work as a team, providing excellent customer service and ensuring the safety and comfort of the customers.

Flight attendants are trained to deal with all safety and security aspects of a commercial flight, make sure that the correct checks and procedures are followed by all. The iconic job role of a flight attendant is giving a demonstration of where the emergency exits are but, in reality, there are many more safety and security procedures that they need to follow.

The cabin crew must be aware of how many passengers there are on the flight before take-off and will check everybody’s boarding pass before letting them take their seats. They will then check the cabin, ensuring that all equipment is in working order and all passengers and their luggage is in the right place. There is usually a cabin crew manager.

Typical tasks might include the following:

  • Meeting about a flight schedule with the captain and crew
  • Check the supplies on the plane
  • Testing the emergency equipment is working properly
  • Greet passengers, checking passes and directing them to their seats
  • Giving demonstrations about emergency equipment and procedures
  • Attending to any queries and requests of passengers
  • Serving food and drinks, providing blankets or sick bags and selling duty-free items
  • Making announcements on behalf of the pilot
  • Reassuring passengers in the event of an emergency or weather change
  • Dealing with unruly passengers
  • Make sure that passengers leave the plane safely and with all their hand luggage
  • Writing a flight report and keeping records of sales
  • Helping to tidy the plane after landing

Working as a member of cabin crew means a lot of travelling, either long or short-haul. Depending on the airline, flight attendants may be required to relocate to another country as the airline may be based abroad. This is a great job for someone who likes to travel and see the world and is good working with people.

With experience and good performance, flight attendants can be promoted to cabin crew manager, whereby they are responsible for running the service on commercial flights.