Saturday, 20th April 2019


The role of a food and beverage manager work for a commercial airline is an important role in the hospitality trade. There are few jobs which require such skills of organisation and forward planning. Managers must plan out food and beverage menus whilst progressively, efficiently and cost effectively organising their implementation and development. They must strike the perfect balance between having enough food to satisfy all passengers whilst avoiding wastage and being aware of health and safety issues on board.

Food and beverage managers can work for all types of airlines, but most often they will find good roles in more long-haul and luxury airlines, rather than for budget airlines who might simply serve food from outside companies.

Food and beverage managers will usually work under the direct supervision of the cabin crew manager. They must meet demands and expectations of normal catering managers but also combine those skills with that of a member of cabin crew. They must be aware of the latest food and hygiene standards and the restrictions of serving food and drink in an aircraft.

Food and beverage managers also need to have impeccable customer service skills, which they can adapt for economy, business or first class flights. If working in first class and business class cabins, the food and beverage manager would be responsible for helping passengers make informed choices on their meals and accompanying drinks.

Typically, employers will look for previous experience in catering and hospitality, with bonus skills including foreign languages.