Friday, 19th April 2019


Passenger service agents, or airline customer service agents, work to ensure that flight passengers receive the best customer service and necessary assistance between checking in for a flight and boarding the aircraft. They are hired by an airline or an airport ground services company, to answer all passenger enquiries and ensure that they are correctly checked-in and briefed for their flight.

Some passenger service agents will be stationed at the check-in desks, where they will check passports and tickets before allocating seats, weighing and labelling luggage, and issuing boarding passes. They must also inform customers of the security restrictions as to what they can take onto a plane in their hand-luggage.

Those who are stationed at the boarding gates will wait until they are given the all clear by the cabin crew and ground services for the passengers to board the plane. They will then invite the passengers to board the aircraft, checking their passports and boarding passes. They will call for late passengers to make their way to the gate and may have to deal with people who miss their flight or are too ill to board.

Other duties may include assisting the elderly or disabled passengers to get to the boarding gate with use of mobility equipment or buggies.

All in all, passenger services agents need to show good customer service skills at all times, being able to help passengers with any possible query, and upholding the reputation of the airline and employer.