Saturday, 20th April 2019


Nutritionists, similar to dieticians, are healthcare professionals whose job it is to advise people on their diets and design individualised nutrition plans in order to improve the wellbeing of patients. This may be to help individuals achieve target weights or to treat illnesses or allergies connected to diet.

Nutritionists also work with athletes and sportspeople to recommend and monitor performance-maximising diets.

They analyse the nutritional content of food through various scientific tests and interpret their findings into practical, accessible information and advice which can be relayed to clients.

They take patients’ blood, urine and stool samples in order to assess the levels of harmful or beneficial materials in the body.

Nutritionists work with other healthcare professionals, including general practitioners and nurses and patients might be referred by doctors to a nutritionist’s outpatient clinic. Some nutritionists may even work in hospitals advising catering staff on the individual dietary needs of patients.

Nutritionists do not always work in a healthcare setting. They are employed by food production companies to test the nutritional values of new products before they can be released on the market for public consumption.