Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


The construction trade is the carefully calculated assembly of any infrastructure or building. There is quite a vast range of different projects that those in the construction industry can be involved with, including housing, office buildings, bridges, roads and sewers. Focus is not solely on new constructions, though this is where most associations lie. Refurbishments, extensions and alterations to current structures will also demand the expertise of those in the construction trade.

The industry employs millions of people nationally and there is a wide range of careers available to those within. There are three main areas in which employees are employed: construction of buildings; heavy/civil engineering and speciality trade contractors. All three work on a contract basis.

The construction industry was, like most others, affected by the recession of 2008-9. There are however encouraging signs, with new buildings beginning to be constructed again and a resurgence in demand for housing nationally.

In terms of pay, the construction industry pays higher than any other non-graduates. Opportunities are available nationally and candidates are recommended to look in their local area to gain experience before applying to a major company.