Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Whilst most consider construction to only mean the building of structures, rarely do they consider what occurs once the shell is completed. Inside the building and the provision of services is an entire different aspect of construction but as important as the build itself.

Building services engineers provide electrical and mechanical construction within the building that complies with health and safety laws. They can be asked to do this for new building, refurbished or extended ones.

Key to the process is being efficient and effective. The services must be in place and working perfectly by the time the building is in demand. All mechanical systems come under the remit of the building services engineer and the range is vast including; air conditioning, elevators, escalators, mechanical systems, water provision, electricity provision, lighting and heating.

Their responsibility is to transform a building from that alone to a comfortable place to either live or work in

Building services engineers and the profession as a whole are controlled and monitored by strict regulations. These include green issues, health and safety and carbon footprinting. The engineer must have a faultless knowledge of these and ensure all regulations are complied within the process.

There is a systematic way to approach the process of installing or improving business services. In order of what is done this it layout, suitability, plans, testing, installation and feedback.

Building services engineers can work for a whole host of employers including but not exclusively; construction companies, property developers, the government and research institutes. Work is solely project led.