Friday, 19th April 2019


Not until the 20th Century did this become a job title. As old as the role it, it was not formally made an individual job as it was under the remit of either the project manager or the architect. With the large scale of projects now, the money involved and the number of new constructions the architects and project managers found they could no longer manage all of the aspects.

The construction manager will control and supervise a construction project being on site for the majority of the time. As well as this great responsibility they will also control the budgets and track how close a project is to its monetary allowance. Construction managers must also hire the best staff possible for the job in hand maintaining relationships with all and keeping them in line.

Timing of projects is crucial especially having an exact finish date which must not be broken. This becomes especially important commercially when a marketing strategy has to be in place and will be directly affected by the completion date of said project. Construction managers must have a firm grasp of timings.

Reporting to clients, architects and others is essential. They must be involved with; schedules, hiring, reporting, costs, quality, regulations and management. Quite clearly this can be a very stressful job and requires someone with great experience and a highly commercial brain.